QLC Video: Liquid IV – A Hangover Cure

When we sat down with the boys who created Liquid IV, we wanted to make sure their product actually worked. So we showed up for the interview, in true quarter-lifer fashion, hungover. One bagel and a bottle of Liquid IV. later and that horrible headache was gone (..seriously) … which is why we call these boys our knights in shining armor.

Liquid IV sells itself as a ‘premium, all-natural lifestyle beverage that rapidly rehydrates the body.’ It aims to become known as the ultimate hangover remedy, and the cure to all your Saturday morning problems. At the young age of 25, the entrepreneurs behind the company have figured out how to create a business and launch a product from scratch, maintain a personal life of friends and family, and make time to sit down and talk to QLC about how they do it all.

Today, you’ll hear how these three guys made their dream a reality. Make sure you check in tomorrow for some more words of wisdom from these gentleman AND your chance to win some of their product!

By Team QLC

For more, visit Liquid IV or find them on Facebook/Twitter

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