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Broke Girls DIY: Halloween Decor

I couldn’t be more excited for my favorite holiday of the YEAR! No, my birthday is in December… HALLOWEEN!

Halloween is the best holiday when it comes to decorating your home. But, if you’re not careful, you can wind up spending a lot of money on plastic pumpkins and spider webs. With a little help from BGDIY, you can showcase your Halloween spirit without spending big bucks.

Over the weekend I created this arrangement for my foyer, all for under $20. I’m partial to black and white. For everything.  And Halloween is no exception. So when it comes to decor- I stick to black and white, then I incorporate pops of color.

If you don’t want to decorate your foyer, your dining room table is always a great place to showcase your Halloween spirit. Let’s be honest, these days we hardly ever eat at the dining room table. I can bet that right now your dining room table is covered by a pile of clean laundry. Not folded. Am I right?

Let’s get started.



  • Over the weekend, I went to my local grocery store and they had white & orange pumpkins (.99 cents ea.) Disclaimer: I would have preferred to go to a pumpkin patch, but if you don’t have one nearby like me… Trader Joes is your best bet.
  • In my arrangement you can see the white/purple leaves from mini tri-colored corn which spruces it up and gives it that”fall” look (bundle of 3 for $1.49).
  • For candle holders, I painted empty wine bottles. I’m SURE you have plenty of those sitting in your recycling bin. If not, you should buy some wine, and drink up while painting the pumpkins first. You’ll have an empty bottle sooner or later!
  • You can find very inexpensive long stem candles at Walmart or Target ($3.99)
  • Last but not least; Black and white acrylic paint.  At first, I thought about not painting the pumpkins. But once I saw this picture, I knew that wasn’t an option. You can find black and white acrylic paint at Michael’s, Pearl or your local craft store.



*Tip* Before you start- Don’t forget to wipe the pumpkins off with a wet cloth. You’ll be surprised how dirty they can be. Secondly, whether you’re painting pumpkins, canvas, glass, your NAILS etc… it’s always important to make sure you have a base coat. It will smooth out any imperfections and provide an even surface to paint on. In this case, I used white as my base coat.

You can obviously paint the pumpkins however you like, but the spider web pumpkin is my favorite and really easy to do.


Paint the pumpkin a solid white (2 coats). Once dry, use a smaller brush to paint black vertical lines along it’s natural grooves from the stem, down to the bottom. (It’ll look like the pumpkin above but instead of dots, it’ll be stripes.)


Then draw the rest of the web by connecting each vertical line with an arc.
(You may need 2 coats for this as well)

Candle Holders: 
Just like the pumpkins, the same tips go for the wine bottles. Wipe them clean, and then start with a white base coat.
Once it’s dry, you can paint on a second white coat or continue with whatever color and design you want.

Because they’re too long for a normal wine bottle, I cut my candles in half. I also had to shave down the end of the candle because it was too thick for the top of my wine bottles.

Once you’ve fit the candle into the wine bottle, light it.. and after a while – the wax  will start to drip down the side of a bottle. It’s an awesome side effect that totally goes with the Halloween theme.


Looking back, I wish I had painted the top of my wine bottle black, so that you can really see the white wax dripping… but choice is up to you!

This entire arrangement cost me less than $20.

If you incorporate a little BGDIY into your holiday decorating, you’ll be able to save some money and put it towards your costume. For the ladies who insist on being a slutty cat every year, good news! You can put that money towards a new set of cat ears and another black leotard from American Apparel. 😉

Shopping List: 

1. Pumpkins
2. Mini Tri-Colored Corn 
3. Long Stem Candles
4. Wine Bottles
5. Paint & Paint Brushes 

Happy Halloween!

By Lauren Probyn


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