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QLC Presents A New Video Series about Inspiring Influencers

Credit: Southern Charm

Our team thought long and hard about what we wanted QLC’s second video series to be about. We wanted to make sure that not only would the material be relevant and interesting for our current readers, but also reach a new group of quarter-lifers.

In season one, we spent a lot of time analyzing this crazy, tumultuous time some call the ‘quarter-life crisis.’ We brought real people together that wanted to talk about the ups and downs of being in their 20s, and laugh at some of the ridiculous things that happen along the way.

For season two, we decided to highlight individuals who are living through the quarter-life crisis, but making the most of their time in it. We found men and women who have decided to not let the world control their actions, but who have taken control in their own hands, and said, “You only have one life and one opportunity to make it great, so lets make it great.”

These are the people who inspire us. These are the people that influence us. They are our peers. Regular people who want to make their dreams come true, and prove to you that you can too. We have collected some of our favorite quarter-lifers who are out there getting shit done, to share with you their stories, their struggles, and their passions.

Starting tomorrow for the next few weeks, you will see how these influencers made their dreams become a reality. We call them our dream chasers, and we hope that they can help inspire you, just like they have done for us

Team QLC

PS: Like our new look?

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