6 Things Quarter-Lifers Are Guilty Of


1. Being on our cell phones 24/7. I was at a concert the other day and looked around (while dancing of course) and realized that 4 people I was with, not to mention the hundreds of people surrounding me, were staring at their phones! I couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself, “What is seriously better than this?” I think we forget to live in the moment and really appreciate what we are doing at that given moment because we are always so concerned with what else is going on. This is a recipe for FOMO.

2. Social media stalking. I have to tell myself not to look, to un-friend or block people, but that doesn’t help. The Internet is BAD.

3. Eating french fries for breakfast… Yup. There will be days that nothing looks, sounds or tastes good, except for French fries. Even if it’s 10am, it will happen. Enjoy that French fry!

4. Telling lies to get out of plans. We have ALL done it. After a long day at the office, most of us just want to go home, put on our pajamas and watch FRIENDS. No shame in that.

5. Using phrases like “I hate everyone” or FML when we think something “dramatic” has happened.

6. Never wearing pants in our apartments. I live alone, and I rarely wear pants. Why bother? It’s just something else you have to wash and I really hate laundry!

By Alex Devlin

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