6 Ways You Know You’re Growing Up

Image credit: someecards.com

You know you are becoming an adult when…

1. You always want to be in some sort of soft pant. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… I would like to wear yoga pants, flannel pants, sweatpants… really any type of pant other than jeans or slacks all the time if I could. As soon as I get home, BAM, soft pants are on.

2. Your parents no longer live in your childhood home. They now have moved into their own home and you may or may not have a bedroom in that new home. When I go back to the east coast to visit my parents, I am no longer going home. My parents moved from Cape Cod to NYC when I moved to LA, so now instead of visiting the house I grew up in, I go to THEIR house. It’s… weird.

3. You know what brands you like to buy at the store. I hate to say it, but I have brands of paper towels, towel paper, dish washer detergent, even sponges, that I love and only buy, no matter how much they cost. This probably isn’t the best thing to do when living on a budget, but I know what I like, and I’m scared to try anything else!

4. Everyone is engaged, married or pregnant. I mean, this really needs no explanation. FB constantly reminds me that other people are starting families. My life? See e-card below.

Image credit: someecards.com

5. It takes you days to lose a pound. It takes starvation and overly working out to lose stubborn pounds now, where as when I was 18 I could cough and I’d lose an inch around my waist.

6. You now have to do all your own little errands that our parents did when we were growing up. I hate putting my own gas in my car (so expensive), vacuuming the house (so annoying), going to the dry cleaner (takes so much time) and calling in sick to work (my parents were always so much more convincing than I am!!!)

By Alex Devlin

One thought on “6 Ways You Know You’re Growing Up

  1. I identify with 1,3,4 and 6. Since I’m still living at home so 2 doesn’t apply as for 6 I’ve been paying my own way for sometime. But I guess soon I will be relating to the others soon.

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