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Stop Procrastinating!

Your weekly feel-good homework for this week is something so simple yet something extremely challenging. We all have little things in our lives that we keep pushing to the bottom of the list. Whether that is something like getting your oil changed, writing those thank you notes, or building that Ikea dresser, we all have things that we just cant seem to check off our list.

Use this week to tackle one of those items you’ve been procrastinating on. By accomplishing something we have been trying to achieve for an extended period of time, we are releasing that tension and opening ourselves up to fulfilling other goals. Small tasks tend to weigh us down and add unnecessary stress to our already chaotic lives. By freeing ourselves of these smaller commitments we are then able to focus on the larger picture and can spend more time concentrating on long term ambitions.

Use this week to finally get your suits dry cleaned, to finally make that dentist appointment or finally clean out your closet. Tackle the thing that has been daunting you most and release that unnecessary weight off of your shoulders. You’re a smart and enlightened individual, who has time to harp on the trivial things in life!

By Lori Gottlieb


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