The QLC Gal’s Guide to Bathing Suits

Hi, all you gorgeous QLC readers! With the summer coming to a close (tear) and Labor Day quickly basically here, we need to pack in as many pool days and beach days as possible!  Whether you’re the hosting type, the life of the party or just the girl who likes to enjoy a nice frothy margarita among friends with some sand in between your toes, you want to look hot doing so.The end of the summer is the best time to score some expensive bathing suits with a not-so-steep price tag! Most companies are trying to unload the last of their summer inventory and that comes as a huge benefit to your wallet. My favorite expensive suits are Vix Swimwear, L *Space and Vitamin A, and if you’re more of a risqué girl who loves the brazilian bottom cut (or dare I say, THONG?!), my absolute favorite swimwear designers are Tori Praver and Mikoh.  If you are looking for a great swimsuit that always rings in on the cheaper end, Forever 21 has some great-fitting ones that are always on trend.
Now let’s talk fit: If you’re like most of the women in America, wearing a swimsuit in a crowd gives you a bit of anxiety, so check out the best types of swimsuits for your fabulous figure:THE BUSTY GIRL:
Tankinis and underwire cross backs like the ones below are your best friends. Don’t even try to do the string bikini because your girls will not be thanking you!  Not to mention, you won’t be flattering your money makers!  You lucked out in the gene pool with this one, whether you think so or not…you did, make your girls look sexy, not unruly!

If you haven’t totally worked off the holidays from last year, don’t worry you’re not alone!! Luckily there are bathing suits for those of us that didn’t exactly go hard in the gym this year!  My biggest piece of advice is to find a bottom that’s cut straight across your stomach instead of the scooped cut.  The scooped shape will emphasize a belly. Also try to find a bottom that has a rolled band like the one below, this allows you to adjust coverage to your liking.
If you’re not totally comfortable baring your entire stomach, you can always go with a one piece- they are totally back in style!


For all you Donkey Booties out there, (in the words of Phaedra Parks) your best fit is a side-tie bikini, so you can control the tightness on your hips and legs.  This is the best way to avoid the dreaded “sausage effect”!  I like this one by Trina Turk (L) and this one by Diane Von Furstenburg (R):

ATTN GIRLS WITH SMALLER BUSTS: There are now solutions to the envy you feel every time your friend with the big boobs joins the pool party! First of all, I’ve heard magical things about the “Add-2-Cups Halter”. It essentially does what is says…adds two full cup sizes without looking majorly fake. They are sold at Victoria’s Secret and here’s an example of what one looks like:Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 11.14.47 PMIf you’re a smaller busted girl that likes it that way but wants a little oomph, you can stock up on traditional halter tops with no padding!Now let’s discuss what to wear over the bathing suit to your next pool/beach party. My all-time fave is a cute little romper.  It’s flirty, fun and perfect for hot summer days.

If you’d like to be a little less on display try my second favorite- a maxi dress. The one draw back is that the maxi dress offers no booty coverage if you decide to strip down a little bit. If that’s a concern of yours there are two solutions: 1.) wear a pair of shorts or a maxi skirt with a cute tank. That way you can just take the top off and continue the party in your shorts or skirt, or 2.) bring a cute scarf and use it as a sarong. PROBLEM SOLVED!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and remember to get as much use out of your white pieces before they’re banned to your closet until next May!

By Raye Hayden


3 thoughts on “The QLC Gal’s Guide to Bathing Suits

  1. Just because a girl is curvier doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard at the gym or maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s pretty ignorant to say, especially when referring to a sensitive issue such as swimsuit shopping.

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