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Guy’s Perspective: Snooping

Snooping. It’s tempting. Who hasn’t thought about taking a peek at their significant other’s email, Facebook, deep drawers etc….We all have and if you don’t admit that you’re lying….twice. First time when you claimed you don’t snoop and the second lie took place when you actually did the snooping.

Typically, people are afraid to snoop for one of two reasons; either they don’t want to breach the trust or more simply, they don’t want to get caught. If a guy (or girl for that matter) knew with 100% certainty that they’re not getting caught, as a betting man, I bet almost every person takes that look.

What are we looking for? Well I guess that depends on timing. Is it a happy relationship at the time or is it on the rocks? Did your girl start acting strange? Did her little loser BFF from high school who you know for a fact wants so badly to bang her suddenly reappear again? “Oh we’re just friend!!” No, you’re not. He wants to sleep with you and make babies. Poor schmuck has been trying for a decade but is in the perma-friend-zone. Until that one night that you, the guy, fucks up and fucks up big. Consolation can be a motherfucker when you’re just peering at it from over the fence and it slyly morphs into physicality.So what are we looking for? Evidence to support weird behavior. Some dirt. But really ladies, what we are hoping and praying for is reaffirmation. Pure and simple. We want to know that when that little high school pussy BFF emails you imparting his “friendship” that you’re telling them that you do in fact love us.  That we aren’t ephemeral. Plus finding the dirt is such a catch-22. It means you’ve been deceived and on top of that, you have to admit you snooped! What a raw deal.

By Damien Galt


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