Your Weekly Feel Good Homework: Create a Vision Board

The Vision Board is a spiritual concept practiced with many different philosophies, and often associated with the self-help book “The Secret”.  Constructing a Vision Board is easy but figuring out what that “Vision” can be a difficult task.

A Vision Board is simply a large poster board or cork board with images and inspirational quotes that we should reflect upon each day. By envisioning ourselves with the images and insight displayed on the board, we are therefore putting those positive wavelengths out into the universe to be received. This plays off of “The Secret’s” concept of our positive and negative outlooks having a magnetic effect on what the universe draws back to us.

To create your vision board consider the following steps:

  1. Pick A Theme For Your Board: What do you want to focus on? Try not to focus solely on material items. Theme concepts could include: “Things That Make Me Happy”, “Goals I Would Like To Achieve” etc.
  2. Find Pictures to Demonstrate Your Theme: Pictures from old magazine, news articles, personal photographs or the internet are all fine!
  3. Find Affirmations That Fit Your Theme: Type or write them out to adhere to your board.
  4. Assemble and Place Your Board: Place the images and phrases on your board and display your board in a place you can look at every day.
  5. Meditate On The Theme Of Your Board: Really believe in your board and believe in achieving the theme or mantra you have provided for your board. The Universe will deliver what you ask for as long as you stay optimistic (and realistic!)

By Lori Gottlieb


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5 thoughts on “Your Weekly Feel Good Homework: Create a Vision Board

  1. Love it! Vision Boards are my favorite to create! 🙂
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