Your Weekly Feel-Good Homework

Introducing a new weekly series on spiritual and mental wellness from QLC contributor Lori Gottlieb. This week, we start with: Find a Gratitude Rock.

So, every once in a while we need a little spiritual pick-me-up. Sometimes incorporating small inspirational elements into our busy and chaotic quarter lives can really get us to slow down and focus on what is truly important. Welcome to your first week of “Feel Good Homework”…

We all have things we are thankful for or take advantage in our busy every day lives. It’s important to take at least a minute each day to dedicate ourselves to the things that inspire us to continue our journey with our heads held high. This is why I have a Gratitude Rock.

A rock is a loose term, it could be an idol or some other pocket sized object that you have a personal and spiritual connection with. I personally found my rock on a wine tasting trip with some of my best girlfriends in Solvang, CA. I had read about a gratitude rock a few weeks prior and during the trip saw a rock that just stood out and spoke to me on a spiritual level, so it became my gratitude rock. There is no reason to force a relationship with your rock or idol, it will present itself to you when the moment is right.

Once you’ve found an object that you connect with and care for, keep it in a place that will allow it to present itself often to you. Every time you touch or see the object simply hold it and meditate on something in your life that you are grateful for. Don’t neglect your object. If you see it or touch it commit to the moment and give yourself a second to stop and reflect. Allow this rock to be a comfort object for stressful or difficult times.

No matter how busy we are, we are never too busy to stop and think about all of the wonderful people and opportunities we have been granted in our lives. We are never too busy to have gratitude.

By Lori Gottlieb 


3 thoughts on “Your Weekly Feel-Good Homework

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