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QLC Video: To Be Single Or Not To Be Single?

Every Tuesday until September we will be re-running fan favorite videos from the first season of our QLC Video series to get you pumped up for Season 2, which premieres this fall.

To be single or not to be single? That seems to be the name of the game for people in their twenties. We here at QLCare definitely playing that game. We are constantly swinging back and forth trying to decide what it is we really want.

Sometimes we think how great life would be if we had someone to cook for and watch movies with every night… or to have someone to snuggle with and stroll hand in hand with down by the river (…do people actually do this!?)

But then we remember; those are all just things that happen in RomComs and not necessarily in reality. Being single has A LOT of benefits. You can snuggle and stroll hand in hand with whomever you want, anytime you want, whereveryou want. You can also put your pajamas on the moment you get home, not wash your hair for days, and drink red wine watching The Notebook as many times as you want, if the mood strikes.

Moral of the story: everyone wants to have it all; we should live in the moment and enjoy it. But for now, watch these twenty-confused-somethings weigh their pros and cons.

Featuring: Alana Rosu, Alex Devlin, Anne Barkley, Casey O’Keefe, and Rheeqrheeq Chainey

By Team QLC

This is a re-post. The original article appeared on March 26, 2013

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