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Summer Skincare Tips

With summer in full effect, everyone is constantly thinking about warm weather, gathering outdoors, social eating, catching some rays, and relaxing a bit.

While I’m not eating vegan in order to lose weight, another nice side effect of my new diet is that I’ve noticed I’ve lost a few inches. I don’t know about pounds as I haven’t weighed myself but my clothes are fitting better! I realized that with all these great changes I’ve been making in my diet, I’m ready to concentrate on my outward appearance as well so that everything is in sync.

Bikini season is here and I think that people from all walks of life have times where they feel insecure about their bodies. It’s normal. I just want to be healthy and in the best shape of my life; there’s nothing like feeling and looking strong and vibrant.

People think they need to lose weight in order to look healthier but one sneaky way to look awesome is to improve your skin! Glowing, healthy skin is a sign of youth and vitality.

These are my tried and true healthy skin fixes:

  • I love Aveda products, they smell great and work really well. After years of trying every product on the market, I’ve finally found out the reason for my unhealthy scalp. It’s kind of gross so get ready but, apparently you are not supposed to sleep with wet hair because the moisture can grow mold/mildew on your pillow and by sleeping on it, it can cause your scalp to become infected. Ew. Anyways, I don’t sleep with wet hair anymore and I also use Aveda’s ‘Scalp Benefits’ line and my scalp is so much better now. No more itchiness or dryness, and my hair is healthier too.
  • A great disinfectant and anti-infection treatment is tea tree oil! A year or two ago I suffered a bad cut at the hands of a bad nail technician and my toenail has never been the same. That is the ugly and SCARY side of nail salons; luckily, it could have been worse but I’m still kind of scarred by the whole thing. I’ve tried lots of creams but nothing seems to work and it’s not totally hideous so I’ve lived with it. But I’ve learned that applying a drop of pure tea tree oil to an infected nail daily can heal an infection over time so I’ve started that process in hopes that by mid summer, my nail will be back to normal again. No more embarrassment wearing open toed shoes or feeling like I have to have polished nails in order to be bare foot.
  • Of course, a body dry brush will be part of my new skin regiment. I’ve just started using one regularly and I am seeing great results in such a short time and I’m totally invigorated by my body’s reaction to it. Last night I dry-brushed for the full ten minutes and then soaked in an Epsom salt bath, it was so luxurious and my skin feels great. Part of my fear of having newly brushed skin is that it is really going to absorb what I put on it…which is a good thing…unless you’re using chemically laden moisturizers and body washes. I’ve been reading up on coconut oil and all of its uses and the information is astonishing. They say you can rub it all over your body like a lotion and that its healing properties are unparalleled.  I haven’t tried this yet but I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • I included a sugar scrub on there as well because if you’re not dry brushing you need to be exfoliating in one way or another and a nice sugar or dead sea salt scrub is a great alternative to dry brushing. You can make your own with a few simple ingredients that you have at home – any granulated sugar will do plus lemon juice and coconut oil! The result? Silky smooth skin!

Origins body cleanser, $46 / Aveda hair care, $24 / Aveda hair care, $21 / Beauty product, $4.60 / Iris Hantverk Bath Brush, $28

By Ryan Tusko

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