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Broke Girls DIY: Wrap it up for Summer

Get your mind out of the gutter! Sorry guys… this isn’t a sexual advice column. We’re talking about trendy accessories, more specifically wrap bracelets.

Wrap bracelets are one of the biggest trends this year and perfect accessory for a summer outfit. You can dress ’em up or add pops of color by layering different bracelets. Not too long ago, I purchased a leather wrap bracelet for around $55 on Hautelook. It’s a pretty basic accessory, but because it was on sale & real leather… I thought it’d be okay to splurge.

I was definitely happy with my purchase, but wouldn’t spend that much on another bracelet for a while… I  was window shopping the other day and saw a beaded wrap bracelet in a boutique that was pretty cool, but too expensive. SO… I decided to make my own.

Thus, I discovered that one of the biggest trends this summer is actually a really easy DIY project and you’ll be saving the Benjamin$.

The left is the bracelet I purchased, and on the right- my DIY Wrap Bracelet. Surprised?!

I promise all you’ll need is the materials and a little patience…

I went to Michael’s (Arts & Crafts store) to get my materials. Michael’s will literally will have everything you’ll need, but if there isn’t a Michael’s close to you, your neighborhood Arts & Crafts store should have everything. You can choose to do your wrap bracelet from a variety of materials. At Michael’s they had hemp, satin, and silk, which they call ‘cords.’ I used dark brown hemp cord for this particular bracelet

Shopping List: 

  • Findings Kit (fits 3mm cord)
  • Cords (I used dark brown hemp)
  • Beads (your choice!)
  • Tape
  • Pliers

We are all familiar with summer camp, right? No? Well, if you ever did any sort of arts & crafts in school with hemp or beading, I’m sure this will be easy for you. Just in case, I’ve actually used Powerpoint to give you step-by-step instructions. I’m sorry if the pics aren’t the best; I haven’t used powerpoint for a very long time — cropping my profile pic doesn’t count.

Here we go…

1. You need two cords, which will turn into 4 when you tie the middle of each cord to the toggle (below).

2. Cord #1 (=middle cords) will be the length that you want your bracelet.
**You can measure the length by wrapping the cord around your wrist. If you want a double wrap bracelet, wrap cord #1  around your wrist twice**

3. Cord #2, should be MUCH longer, especially if you’re doing a wrap bracelet. I’d say 3x the length of Cord #1.

4. You’ll tie the cords to the circle end of the toggle set. Do this by opening one of jump rings (circle with small break in it). You can use a small plyer for this if you need. 2 cords, now becomes 4.

5. Tape the toggle to a table for stability or you can tape it to your leg like I do sometimes (shh!)

6. The two shortest cords will not move while you’re creating your bracelet. So keep them together in the middle.

7. Take the left cord and cross it over the middle strands, under the right cord (makes a triangle). Using your thumb to hold the cords together, take the right cord and wrap it over the end of the left, under the middle cords, up through the triangle on the left side of the middle cords.

8. One you pull through, it should look like your basic square knot, below. This is where summer camp/arts & crafts come in handy.
9. Now, it’s the right cord’s turn. Repeat step 5, but using the right cord.
So take the right cord and cross it over the two middle cords, under the left cord (makes a triangle). Using your thumb to hold the cords together, take the left cord and wrap it over the end of the right coord, under the two middle coords, up through the triangle on the left side of the middle strands.

You have done two square knots above, one left, then right, in between each bead. You can do more if you’d like more space in between beads. Totally up to you!

BUT ***It’s important you alternate left and right or else the bracelet will start to twist***

10. Thread the bead (whatever color you want) up the middle cords.

11. Now repeat steps 5 & 7. Step 5 is pictured below.

12. And now repeat with the right cord, like in #7.

13. Your bracelet should look like below…


14. Continue these steps until your bracelet is complete!

Once you start, you tend to get in a rhythm. Like I said, it’s easy, but all you need is a little patience 🙂

15. Once you’ve finished beading and the bracelet it the length you want… pull the last square knot really tight with the outside cords, first left knot, then right knot.

16. Cut the remaining ends of Cord #2 off. You should just be left with the middle strands.

16. Thread the middle strands through the other end of the toggle and then tie a normal knot. Done!!

Hope you’re happy with the results. If not, practice makes perfect!


Note: Here’s a picture of the hardware I bought, called a ‘findings kit.’ You can buy one online at or at Michaels– this Kumihimo findings set-3mm set of 6 cost $5.49 on Amazon.



By Lauren Probyn


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