QLC Video: Season 1, The Finale

That’s a wrap on Season One of QLC Video! Thank you to our readers for checking in week after week and listening to our cast of real-life 20-somethings talk (quite openly!) about real issues that affect each of us every day– and how we get through them.

And so, we leave you all with our favorite moments and bloopers from this season. We hope you enjoy!

By Team QLC

To watch all the videos from Volume 1, visit HERE. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to stick around for our next volume, premiering this fall!


One thought on “QLC Video: Season 1, The Finale

  1. I love that Kurt goes to the “market” for mani/pedi’s. Congrats to all of you for your efforts and a great first season! In a world filled with “make believe” it’s awesome to watch you all be so real while sharing your lives with laughs and tears. This is the truest form of reality tv and you all are stars.

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