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10 Unique Workouts You’ve Never Tried

Alright, so we’ve all done enough Zumba classes in our living room, Pilates at the gym and have taken enough Vinyasa Flow Yoga to start our own studio. It’s time to get motivated and spice up your workout. Here are ten classes that are shaping the future of fitness.

10. SkyRobics

SkyRobics combines the childhood wonder of trampolines with the adult motivation to stay in shape. Basic aerobics and bootcamp like exercises are taught on large scale trampolines. This low impact exercise is good for those who have previous leg injuries but want to get a great cardio (and abdominal) workout.

Where: Locations like SkyZone as well as indoor trampoline parks typically offer this class.

9. Pound Fit

Whether you’ve dreamed of becoming a musician or just have a lot of pent up aggression, Pound Fit is the cure. This 45 minute workout uses RipStixs (two 1/4 pound drum sticks) in an interval training that has you banging on the floor to some serious rock and roll. After the class is over you’ve accomplished about 15,000 reps of this fat-burning, strength training exercise. Who knew rockin out was such a great way to lose weight?!

Where: Crunch Gym has really become the hub of this awesome phenomenon but check out Pound Fit to find other opportunities to take the class.

8. Krav Maga

If you are interested in a kick ass workout (literally) Krav Maga is something to look into. As the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, it is not only an amazing workout but will also teach you how to protect yourself in a dangerous situation. The modern combat techniques taught in this class always vary so you keep up an exciting routine that is always toning new muscles and educating you on new ways to handle real life threatening situations, unlike karate which might not really come in handy when you’re getting your purse stolen.

Where: It’s easy to find a Krav Maga class almost anywhere but be careful and do your research. We recommend you go to a Krav Maga or Self Defense studio as opposed to a gym since you want to make sure you are learning the moves safe and correctly by a trained professional.

7. Piloxing

So if you haven’t figured it out already, Piloxing is a badass combination of Pilates and Boxing which is popping up in all major cities. Using 1/2 pound Piloxing gloves, these 50 minute workouts are designed to combine the aggression and enthusiasm of boxing combinations while adding Pilates style cardio. With the help of some loud house music you have, what feels like, more of a dance class to help keep your mind off of the work your body is doing!

Where: Tons of places are offering Piloxing at their studios and private gyms. Check out Piloxing Locations to find a location all over the US and Europe.

6. Bollywood Dance

First there was Salsa, then Zumba, but the newest trend in dance fitness is Bollywood. Inspired by the Indian film industry, classes mix the traditional cultural dance with a modern hip hop vibe to get you to sweat it out. Fitness programs like Doonya are popularizing the workout by adding strength building moves and easy to follow cardio to inspire everyone to make Bollywood the new trend in dance fitness.

WhereDoonya offers classes in LA, NY and DC, but most dance studios are adding Bollywood to their schedule so keep an eye out!

5. Cirque School

The Aerial Fitness and Conditioning classes taught at Cirque School Los Angeles were some of the most exciting and rewarding classes I’ve ever taken. Besides the fact that you will work muscles you never knew you had, the circuit training taught here is nothing short of what you would experience at a Cirque du Soleil show. Bring a buddy for paired circuits with a trapeze, fabric and rope and get ready to brag about how pleasantly sore your body feels the next day. Don’t let it intimidate you. It’s a completely non-judgmental environment that beginners can enjoy.

Where: Cirque School Los Angeles has an amazing program, but schools similar to it are popping up in New York and Orlando. They are also great if you are interested in advanced training to fulfill your childhood fantasy of running away with the circus.

4. Aerial Yoga (Antigravity Yoga)

Aerial or Antigravity Yoga is the stuff dreams are made of. Using Trapeze style hammocks to further engage in your pose, aerial yoga also helps decompress joints and allows for deeper more advance poses without the worry of hurting your neck or back.  Plus it looks awesome.

Where: Independent studios are popping up all over the map with Aerial Yoga classes. Crunch is also the most popular gym to take these classes at if you are a member. To search for other places that offer near you go to Anti-Gravity Locations.

3. Hoopnotica

Although to some, Hula Hooping can be an intimidating feat, Hoopnotica caters to the average hula hooper to really tone and define your body. With a few helpful tips from the instructor at the beginning of class, hoopers are cued into the secrets of keeping up the hoop. This then leads into different stances and movements to subtly but significantly tone different muscles in the body. Weighted hoops are used to really define that mid section (about 420 calories are burned an hour hooping!) so this is a great workout for those who are trying to get that tiny summer waist.

Where: Classes are limited to Los Angeles until the trend catches on but keep an eye out on their website for upcoming classes in your area. Videos are also available for purchase so you can hoop at home.

2. AQUA cycle

Alright, so imagine a spin class, only without the loud music, screaming instructors and constant gear changes. Oh yeah, and add water. That’s AQUA cycle, the future of spin. This soothing, dimly lit spin class places your bikes in a 4 foot deep pool with 84 degree water and lasts about 45-minutes. You can burn up to 800 calories and it isn’t as hard on your knees!

Where: Currently AQUA is in its experimental stages and only offering classes at their independent studio in New York City. But I’m certain that this trend will catch on to most major cities within the year.

1. SurfSet

Ever had the urge to try surfing but weren’t to keen on getting into the water? SurfSet Classic is the perfect workout to try for surfers and non-surfers alike. This 45 minute workout puts you on a short board supported with three BOSU balls to imitate the feeling of riding a wave. Pulleys attached to the boards give you the resistant feel of paddling into the ocean through and over waves, as well as getting up and practicing that balance as you ride to shore. Different useful techniques are taught that can be applied to the true act of surfing. They also offer four different programs; the Balance program is yoga inspired, Burn is high intensity and high tempo, Build is focused on definition and strengthening while Blend is an interval training that combines all three. So you can choose the workout that’s best for you.

Where: Check out the SurfSet website to find a class near you. Crunch gym is also starting to offer!

By Lori Gottlieb


4 thoughts on “10 Unique Workouts You’ve Never Tried

  1. Yes! Drumming alone feels like a workout sometimes. I also love that you guys included Krav Maga. I first heard about it as a teen watching Buffy (apparently they used it in the show).

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