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Broke Girls DIY: The Sock Bun

So I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve LOVED the sock bun trend since it first came out. But I never wanted to try it on myself … you know how some siblings get one gene and then the other one(s) gets stiffed?

Well, that’s what happened to me. My little sister was born with a gorgeous mane of thick, long, blonde hair. I say mane because really, she has the thickest hair I’ve ever felt. AKA Mufasa. But gorgeous.

I, on the other hand, was born with super fine, long, blonde hair. AKA Angel hair pasta.  The type of hair that you can’t really do much with. Curling it? Pshhht. Half a can of hair spray, an hour of curling and re-curling… and then it falls out just as you walk out the door twenty minutes later. It’s back to square one- only it’s now, hard & crunchy angel hair pasta and I’m late.

So, sock bun + thin, fine hair? PASS. I didn’t have the courage to fight that battle. Until….

One Sunday I was really bored. I think “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” was on. Or one of the ten other trashy reality shows where every other cast member was rocking a perfect f-ing sock bun. It annoyed me that I couldn’t do it too. And even though I DON’T have extensions (yes, very rare in LA), I decided to finally try it.

I didn’t want to just go out and buy ”sock bun kit” with the mesh-donut. I wanted to do the real DIY SOCK bun.

I knew that I needed a longer sock than what I usually wear with sneakers. For blondes- it’s probably best you try to find a sock that will blend in with your hair rather than the standard black/white just in case the sock shows through. Given my spaghetti-hair, I knew this was pretty important. Personally, I would never purchase socks that color, but lucky for me- when I invaded my boyfriends closet… I had plenty of dress socks to choose from!

First things first, cut off the toe of the sock. Then start to roll the sock down. *You can start from either end*

Roll down until the sock resembles a donut. Viola! Sock bun. I prefer this to the mesh-donut because to me, when it’s in your hair, it’s feels more natural. To each his own. If you’d rather just buy it, I think they’re around $5.00 at CVS.

Now, the hard part- Putting the sock bun in your hair.

Here’s what mine looked like when I was done:

Here are the steps to styling your sock bun:

1. Pull your hair back into a tight, high pony tail.
2. Pull 3 inches of the end of your pony tail through the sock bun.
*It helps to have a spray bottle of H20 to help tame the fly-aways while you’re doing this. (Don’t spray too much, just light spritz-ing)
4. Now wrap those 3 inches around one side of the sock bun, and place your thumbs on the ends to hold in place.
5. Start to roll down the sock towards your scalp.
*As you roll down the sock, the ends of your pony fold into it, which causes the rest of your pony tail to follow.
6. As you unroll, make sure that you distribute strands around to the the other side of the sock bun to cover it.
7. Once you’ve reached the base of your pony, you can tuck the remaining strands of hair into the bun using bobby pins.

OR, watch this video!

Sidenote: The reason why I’m convinced my hair finally decided to cooperate is because I had been out the night before for a friends b-day. In other words, my hair was dirty as sh*t, but hey, it stayed!

By Lauren Probyn



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