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Back to Reality: Coming Off of a Juice Cleanse

Did you follow our pre-holiday cleanse? Well, if you did, then you feel amazing. You feel light. You feel energized.

But, after a juice cleanse, it’s important to ease back into things.

Conscious eating is hard. If a cleanse does anything, it makes you more conscious of the way your body feels when you give it all the right things. It’s important to ease back into solid food and still maintain a juice or two per day. The absolute last thing you should do right now is go on a binging streak!

When you first start introducing food back into your diet, BE CAUTIOUS! Your tummy will get upset if you eat the wrong things. You could go from feeling great and energized to feeling sick pretty quickly, and who wants do undo all that hard work you just put in?

Here’s how to do it:

Day 1: Add Fruits & Vegetables – good fats such as avocado/olive oil, salads, plus a few juices/smoothies as you see fit

Day 2:  Add Grains & Legumes

Day 3: Add Soy, Dairy & Eggs (if you see fit)

Day 4: Add Animal Flesh foods (if you see fit)

Congratulations on doing something that takes a lot of will power! It’s not easy and we applaud you!

By Dylan Davies


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