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Your Official Summer Checklist: Part 2

Let’s guess. You waited until the last minute, you’re stuck at work on July 3rd, waiting for the long weekend, with nothing planned. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

1. Host a themed potluck, either in your own home or a local park. Insist- no, demand, that your guests adhere strictly to a patriotic or a red white and blue theme. Enjoy the variety of foods this will result in.

2. Spend your day (or at least a couple hours) at the arcade. Hey, it would have been your dream to do this fifteen years ago; why not recreate the magic? Bonus: they’re generally air conditioned to the max. Win! (Pun intended.)

3. Crash a hotel pool. No matter if you’re in LA at The Tropicana, New York City, or even your local Hilton, the key to a successful July 4th weekend is a day in the sun, splashing around with your friends. And psst – a lot of hotels don’t require a room card to get in. Aim for a hotel with a pool bar. But you didn’t hear it from us.

4. On a slightly more by-the-book route, book a last minute hotel room (or motel room!) in some town as close or as far of a car ride as you can handle – from staycation to roadtrip. It is a loong weekend, after all; you’d be surprised at the number of cheap rooms left! Check out a deals site with a last-minute section like Kayak (it’s under ‘interests’) or Orbitz. Enjoy yes, the pool, but also the luxuries of room service, hotel bars, tiny little soaps, basic cable, and sightseeing in your town or the hilariously retro one in the boondocks town you may have landed in. Split the cost with friends, of course.

5. Reinvent your space. Did you know that July 4th weekend is the busiest weekend of the year at Home Depot? I made up that figure, but I bet its true. Whether it be building yourself something out of lumber and parts (good luck; I have no advice for you) or DIYing the shit outta your pad, this is one weekend activity that will both make you feel accomplished, and can be done solo if everyone else is out of town. (Blast those jams!)

By Liza Nedelman


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