The QLC Gal’s Guide to July 4th Fashion

Hey all you awesome QLC readers! I’m Raye Hayden and I am a curator at a popular style website. I’ll be posting monthly here with different style suggestions for transitioning out of school mode and into womanhood. Whether you’re going in to interview for your dream job, finally got that hottie you’ve been noticing to ask you out or just meeting friends for Sunday Funday, I’m going to provide you with some killer ensemble suggestions!

Let’s get started with my first post about our Nation’s big day, The 4th of July. Now, I’m not saying you can’t enjoy a couple red, white and blue jello shots this 4th of July, but let’s look cute and not ridiculous while doing so this year!

Let’s start with the Preppy Girl, because after all, this IS your holiday:

I suggest pairing a feminine, lacy skirt with a chambray button up and strappy sandals or basic wedges for an all American, clean look.  (both items sold at J.Crew)

This skirt also comes in red, which is perfect for the 4th!  If you go the red route, I suggest pairing with a relaxed white button up.  Loosen it up, roll the sleeves up to the elbows and unbutton the top few buttons:

For the Classic Girl:

I suggest an all-white ensemble with a pop of red or blue in a purse, shoe or accessory.  However, I don’t suggest doing pops of blue AND red on an all white palate, that cheeses the look up a bit:

Image credit: Feasting on Fashion

Another cute look for the classic girl is a nautical tunic with strappy sandals like the one below (tunic sold at Anthropologie, sandals at J. Crew):

For the Bohemian Girl:

I am loving cropped tees and tanks this summer; you can find them at American Apparel and many other places. The trick to wearing this kind of top is to pair it with a high-waisted maxi skirt or high-waisted shorts. I love this look below for a beach party or backyard barbecue because the skirt is flowy so you won’t get hot, and you see just enough midsection to still look chic. A high bun (as pictured) looks cute, but to funk it up a bit I would suggest just getting a classic bandanna in blue or red (sold at gas stations and grocery stores, ballin’ on a budget!), rolling it so it become about a 1in. or 1.5in. wide and tying it up as a headband (example below):

Another cute option for the Bohemian ladies out there is a loose, flowy maxi dress, preferably in nautical pattern or colors.  Note: although that creepy guy that won’t leave your side, hoping you get so drunk you’ll go home with him, may want to see you in a dress that’s so loose your boobs pop out (in a major party foul sort of way), nobody else does. Side boob is great, nip slips are not.

The Girly Girl:

For you girly girls that my “girly girl” bestie refers to as “Pretty Chic,” here are some cute options for you to continue the tradition of only being caught dead in a skirt and heels: Any flirty, girly red dress with cute wedges. I suggest espadrille tie-ups for that feminine edge. OR: Stick to the basics with the Navy Blue and white and then substitute the pop of red with a hot pink.  You’re still nailing the look but with a creative femininity:

The Tomboy:

For you Sporty Spices, pairing cut-off jean shorts with a solid white tee and a a navy blue blazer (with the gold buttons for a sailor look!) or chunky navy sweater is a good way to go. This is also a cute option to pair with navy shorts, white shorts or jean shorts:

Either of these outfit choices would be super cute with a pair of white Chuck Taylors. High top vs. low top is up to you and your personal style. I personally like the high tops not laced up all the way, with a loose tongue for some added funk:

If you go with more of a plain outfit, like the chunky navy sweater or blue baseball tee sweater, you can add some flavor and personality with Independence Day inspired chucks. There are plenty on the Converse website to choose from!  Here are a couple of my faves:

So whether you’re celebrating the Fourth in the Hamptons with your BFFs, on the beach in Cali, or at a backyard barbecue where the guys are still doing beer bongs: embrace the new phase of partying by looking put-together enough in your outfit that your Instagram pics won’t instantly get you fired from your day job!

Feel free to email any suggestions or thoughts on what you’d like to see in the coming months and I’ll be sure to do my best to cover all requests!

By Raye Hayden

A little about me: I live in Los Angeles; I have the best friends and boyfriend a girl could ever ask for; I just recently came out on the other side of my Quarter Life Crisis (dang, your early and mid-twenties are a bitch!); I love a good deal, a new trend and a classic look!

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