The Bubble Bath Playlist

Looking to unwind this weekend? How about taking a nice long bubble bath to these smooth jams?

Well… If I had a bathtub clean enough to to take a bath in (they’re hard to scrub, ok?!), I would listen this playlist (with candles lit, and preferably with a man in the tub too, obviously…)

  1. FAST CAR – Tracy Chapman
  2. BABYLON – David Gray
  3. BETTE DAVIS EYES – Kim Carnes
  4. BREATHE ME – Sia
  5. BELOW MY FEET – Mumford and Sons
  6. COMIC LOVE – Florence & the Machine
  7. CRASH – Dave Matthews Band
  8. CRAZY FOR YOU – Adele
  10. HOME – Phillip Phillips
  11. I’LL BE SEEING YOU – Billie Holiday
  12. JUST A FEELING – Maroon 5
  13. OUTLOUD – Dispatch
  14. SAIL AWAY – David Gray
  15. STAY WITH YOU – John Legend
  16. TROUBLE – Ray LaMontagne
  17. SAIL – Awol Nation
  18. BACK TO BLACK – Beyonce and Andre 3000
  19. GIVE ME A REASON – Tracy Chapman
  20. SOMETHING I NEED – One Republic
  21. I FOUND YOU – Alabama Shakes
  22. MADNESS – Muse

…Add a glass of wine to this scenario and you’re good to go!

By Alex Devlin


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