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Your Official Summer Checklist: Part 1

As of Friday, summer is Officially Here. And no pressure, but this is gonna be your best one yet. Why? Because now you’re going to be fully armed with a plan of things to make this summer absolutely fantastic.

We’re starting off with Part 1 – five ideas to get you started. Stay tuned all summer as we give you more tips!

If you’re in Los Angeles, when applicable, these come with a local suggestion! If not, never fear – we know you’ll be able to find a way to check each of these off your list before Labor Day weekend hits:

1. Find and attempt an unusual water sport. Kayaking? Snorkeling? So passe. Save ’em for your family vacation (you’re gonna need something to occupy your time anyway..) and try something new in the sun while staying cool. Insider QLC tip – stay tuned for more ideas on some unusual ways to get your exercise on..

In LA? Try HydroBiking! Basically a stationary workout bike built atop a raft of sorts, this is a blast- and a great workout, without being too difficult. This is supposed to be summer fun, after all.

2. See an outdoor movie. They say (Okay, I say) there’s nothing better than the combination of a good movie and a picnic. Most larger cities have an outdoor summer screening program, and if you’re located farther away from a city, chances are you’re closer to a good old-fashioned drive-in theater!

In LA? Try a classic Cinespia flick — an outdoor movie at the classic Hollywood Cemetary. It’s less creepy than it sounds. Afraid of ghosts? Head downtown for Street Food Cinema, which promises to be as delicious as it sounds – it’s a combo outdoor screening and food truck fest!

3. Camp out. Whether it’s goin’ big and trekking into the mountains or even a night of s’mores in the backyard, nothing says classic summer fun like sleeping under the stars. Campsites are often under $20 a night, making this overnighter a cheap getaway. Try Reserve America for a great and thorough campground directory and online booking.

In LA? We Angelenos are spoiled. Our fair city is at a junction of tons of campgrounds – all completely differing in climate! Try Joshua Tree for a hot weekend of desert rock climbing and stargazing, Big Bear for the forest and the lake, Oxnard for beach camping (yes, on the sand!), and Santa Barbara for my personal favorite camping hybrid – the wine tasting/camping jaunt.

4. Road trip. Get in the car and just pick a direction, or make a point to finally go to that one little cafe in that town hours away just because. Roadtrips are the ultimate summer adventure, especially with the right soundtrack (ahem, ahem!). Make it a quickie daytrip or set aside a few days to drop off the radar; either way, you’re bound to find adventure, unexpected or not.

In LA? This one’s a no-brainer. Drive up the coast (gotta love the PCH) until you don’t feel like driving anymore. Chances are you’re going to hit something great; whether its Santa Barbara, the jaw-droppingly beautiful coastlines by Big Sur, or even the redwoods before you hit San Francisco.

5. Build a fort. If you know me, you know I’m a huge proponent of the fort. Sure, anytime, anywhere will do – but there’s nothing quite like a sticky summer night spent inside of a nice cool fort (tip: positioning a big fan to blow cool air into your fort will not only keep you cool, but keep your fort big and airy!). Pro tip – adjust the TV to be included in the fort; fall asleep watching a classic. Wake up confused.

By Liza Nedelman


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