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Becoming Vegan

The catalyst that sparked my desire to take a closer look at the food I was eating started in college in a class called ‘The Sociology of Food.’ For the first time in my life I was really forced to examine the foods I was eating on a nutritional level, an ethical level, and a global level. What are the effects of the nation’s food consumption on our total health, the countless livestock raised on factory farms, and of course all of the rest of the people living on this planet? How do I fit into that macro view?

What I learned hit home for me hard and from there, I experimented with trying to eat vegetarian. But on a college student’s budget, with little support from my peers and inadequate knowledge of the resources around me I struggled to stick with it.

Over the years I kept coming back to it and have been drawn to documentaries, scientific studies, and eye opening books on the subject of food. It wasn’t easy to admit to myself that a carnivorous society such as our own helps to contribute to hideous animal cruelty, global warming and the devastation of our earth’s natural resources, and most interestingly the vast array of chronic illnesses that plague Americans every day.

This time around, I feel armed and ready with research I’ve compiled and the tools to make it work. I started off my vegan journey with a five day juice cleanse consisting of fresh lemon water, herbal tea, and six healthy servings of fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices per day.

Since then, I have been consuming a hearty, whole food, plant-based diet and I track my progress as I go on Veg Head Experiment. It’s really a journal that consists of details on how I’m feeling, the kinds of foods I’m eating, the exercise I’m doing, and with lots of links to resources for other people looking to change their lives for the better.

Check it out, and check back here on QLC for more on my progress!

By Ryan Tusko


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