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DIY for Broke Girls

[Ed. note: This week kicks off our Friday DIY series from Broke Girls DIY. Be productive on your weekends; try these fun and cheap ideas! Broke boys allowed, too.]

Everyone has those moments where they feel like they need a little change in their lives. At our age, when it comes to our homes apartments, we treat them more like storage units. It’s a place where your clothes are… but there are many nights where you don’t sleep in your own bed. (We hope.)

As I get older though and father away from dorm-life, I tend to appreciate home décor a little more and more. I don’t have to worry about my roommate dropping late night food on my white comforter. And I don’t get scared when I’ve lost the remote in the couch anymore. Gone are the days where losing the remote was a scavenger hunt through pizza crusts, random articles of clothing, and sticky substances in between the couch cushions. Those were the days.

This is not to say that I’m a hermit and I don’t party. But I think that most can agree- cleaning now is almost as bad as studying was in college. There’s just no time in between work and your social life… and hiring a maid, well- that’s a luxury I can’t justify. So, I’m just more strategic where I place my pizza crusts. Though, I can’t say the same for the random articles of clothing. Ok so things have changed a little…

Back to your apartment and change.

If you’re like me… you’d rather dedicate your new found appreciation of home décor on an inspirational pinterest board instead of splurging on an apt you know you won’t be living in, in 3 years.

So, let’s save our money for the dream house and make the small changes that will shake things up, but won’t stop you from racking up a bar tab on the weekend…

First up: Candles.

One of the easiest ways to make changes to your apartment is with candles; I’m a BIG fan. They’re so simple, but they can add a lot to a room. They’re also a great (and INEXPENSIVE) way to change up your decor if you’re getting a little bored of the same old. I bought this large, glass candle holder ($5.99) from a Ross near my apartment. Then I went to World Market and bought the Tahitian vanilla scented candle ($7.99) & the sand ($2.99)


SO easy. SO simple. SO cheap: just put a candle in the candle holder, and then pour in and. If you put the sand in first, it won’t work.

I’ve seen the same candle & sand idea at places like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, but they’re always on the pricier side. This is a way to save your dollars and spend them elsewhere… on a bottle of vino maybe?

I’m a big fan of neutrals, so the clear candle holder, white candle and sand = perfection to me.

BUT, If you’re looking to add some color;  World Market sells sea glass and different colored rocks which are another option.

If candles aren’t enough of a change for you… then try getting new throw pillows for your sofa. Or switching out the pictures in all of your picture frames in your living room.

You’d be surprised. A little change goes a long way!

By Lauren Probyn


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