QLC Video: Let’s Talk About SEX

[NSFW language] 

For many people, sex is an extremely intimate act and needs to not be entered into lightly. For some, sex is just fun and a good way to explore yourself and your body. But sometimes, getting yourself there is half the battle. Do you text the other person and try to rendezvous? Do you wait for him or her to text you? And when you are finally together after the back and forth, do you go all in on the first night? Do you communicate with the other person about what feels good and what doesn’t?It’s hard to tell how the other person will react when you are in your purest, most “real” self, and its always a little scary and risky to be completely honest. But folks, its the only way to get what you want!Featuring: Alex Devlin, Anne Barkley, Casey O’Keefe, Daniella Cabral, Gabby Landis, & Jimmy Ruggiero.

By Team QLC

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