11 Comedians Who Will Keep You Laughing


I have been into stand up comedy since I was 11 years old when I watched Dennis Miller Live and the Chris Rock Show on Friday nights with my father. A few weeks after I started watching those shows I caught Dave Chappelle’s half hour HBO special “One Night Stand” from San Francisco in 1998, and after that I was hooked.

This list highlights some of the working comedians today. Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld aren’t really touring right now besides some shows that pop up here and there; I wanted to focus on the comedians that are performing regularly as well as some good ones that you may have never heard of. I would suggest going to see them do a set whenever you get a chance:

1. Louis CK – It is clear he is one of the best and most popular comedians today with his TV show as well as his popular stand-up bits. He has revolutionized the business of comedy selling his special online and cutting out ticketmaster price hikes. Because of his popularity, his tickets are hard to get, but he does have an HBO special coming out in April that should be checked out.

2. Kevin Hart – Kevin is hands down the biggest stand-up comedian out today. He did a completely sold out arena tour, which is pretty unheard of for a comedian. His tickets are pricey, but he is releasing his new special as a movie to come out July 3rd weekend.

Bill Burr

3. Bill Burr – One of my personal favorites to watch. Has a great old school point of view on the modern world; it is just fantastic. He has a tour as well as a special available for download on his website.

4. Jim Gaffigan – Jim is an absolutely hilarious comedian to see, with his own style that isn’t really matched by any other comedians today. He has a great tour going around the country all spring and summer, and has also released a special available for download.

Jim Norton

5. Jim Norton – This guy talks a lot about sex and is truly a master. I continually laugh at his bits and listening to him on the Opie and Anthony show is hilarious. He does shows all the time, and is filming a special right now to be out soon.

7. Dave Attell – He makes stand up look extremely easy. His sets are unreal and so fun to watch! He tours around the country and is truly one of the best to check out.

8. Chris D’elia – I have never seen anyone kill a room the way I have seen him do it. He performs all the time around LA, and also appears on the TV show “Whitney.”

Ian Edwards

9. Ian Edwards – One of my new favorite comedians to watch. He is an intelligent comedian who kills it night in and night out.

10. Jason Collings – I have seen his set a few times and it is great. It gets a huge reaction, and is really well done every single time out. He performs regularly in LA.

Fahim Anwar

11. Fahim Anwar – Great comedian — whom I have never seen have a bad set! He has a great way of looking at things and breaking them down to make them hilarious. He performs regularly in LA. He’s also an Aerospace engineer.

It is clear a lot of names are vacant on this list of popular comedians, but these are the comedians I think are some of the greatest working today. If I did a list of all the great comedians, it would take all day to read — and who wants that when you can just go on Youtube and check out all these guys instead?

By Curtis Spiliotis

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