10 Party Themes Worth Bragging About

We’ve all thought about it… “How the hell am I going to make this year’s birthday better than the last? Nothing will ever top that morally degrading Corporate Hoes and CEO’s party I threw.”

QLC to the rescue; I’ve found ten party themes to spice up your next birthday, corporate or friendly gathering… and you get to wear clothes!

10. Sunday “Tea” Party

What the hell? Have some people over on a Sunday (preferably before noon) to some “tea” …or mimosas (as I would prefer). Play some classical music and decorate with doilies and lots of flowers. This is fun if you have an outside space with some seating. Is it a girlie party? Yes, but isn’t tea supposed to be sweet and elegant? Real men will know how to appreciate it too.

What will I wear? Wear tiny hats, dainty gloves, suspenders for the boys. Wear what you WOULD have worn to church if you weren’t skipping it to have a boozy Sunday with your pals.

9. Old Hollywood Gala

What the hell? Here’s an idea to spike a dinner party. Have everyone come dressed as old Hollywood personalities! Or: don’t feel like cooking for a crowd? Have your guests bring Old Hollywood inspired dishes based on their favorite films. Play some old black and white movies in the background and throw on Sammy Davis Jr.; make a toast, talk like Grace Kelly, and cheers! You’ve outdone yourself.

What do I wear? If you haven’t saved that Marilyn costume from Halloween, don’t fret. Put some feathers in your hair. Break out some pearls and a little black dress. Men, give us your best Sinatra.

8. Graffiti Party

What the hell? So we all need a little bit of expressionism in our life. Why not throw a party to embrace it and offer your guests as the canvas! This is a great party for a bigger location with a lot of people. Having alcohol could definitely spice it up too. Have everyone come with a white tee shirt; all you need to provide is a ton of highlighters/ washable markers. Face paint and temporary tattoos are also encouraged. Graffiti is art. Art is sexy. Try it.

What will I wear? White tees! And probably some pants you can spare or get dirty.

7. 1950’s Family BBQ

What the hell? Okay, so we are all aware of the 50’s and pinup era making a comeback. Why not incorporate it into one of America’s favorite past times? Call a friend with a backyard and get the grill going. Cook up the classics- both on the grill and on the record player. Get some Hula Hoops, Frisbees and other classic American games to entertain your guests while you’re flipping burgers!

What do I wear? Break out those high-rise shorts and striped tees. Sundresses and other fifties inspired pieces encouraged! Boys, get out those Sperry’s and raid your dads wardrobe!

6. Trick or Trade Party

What the hell? Looking for an idea that can merge your friends with your new boo’s pals? Trick or Trade is an awesome theme for a party with a lot of strangers. Have everyone come with something that they are willing to trade, whether it be some old pogs or a slight-of-hand card trick. This theme is sure to get everyone chatting and chummy in no time.  Wanna make it even more vivacious? Make it a mad hatter or masquerade theme. Keep the mystery alive throughout the night.

What do I wear? Pull out that quirky party dress you only get to wear twice a year. This is a free pass to get risky with your wardrobe.

5. Clothing Swap Party

What the hell? This idea requires a little bit of preliminary work, but your wardrobe will thank you. Have your friends raid their closets and gather everything they don’t wear any more. Just because their over it doesn’t mean you are. Bring the bags to the party and go to town. This novelty can be paired with an all girls sleep over theme (you remember the days of Mall Madness and Dream Phone), or you can have the guys come too and set a separate room for their stuff (boys won’t admit it but they’ll love this idea). If you do go with the slumber party theme, take it back to the good old days with mani’s and pedi’s, scary movies and order some pizzas and beers.

What do I wear? Toss on some leggings and keep it comfy and casual.

4. Apocalypse Party

What the hell? Setting rules for this party would be a sin. It’s the end of the world, act like it! Come as your self ready to set out into the apocalyptic world! Play some metal and eat ice cream cake. Party as if it’s the last time you ever will. Grab those snacks you would want for your last meal and feast like kings. Want to make it real interesting? Turn it into a flashlight party. Everyone brings a flashlights and it stuff real.

What do I wear? Well you tell me! What would you wear if you were about to set out into Zombieland. I know I’d be in some serious camo, with my cat in a backpack and a crossbow. (Although, leave the real weapons at home…water guns encouraged).

3. Blanket Fort Party

What the hell? Both comfy and sexy, a blanket fort party is a great theme to cozy up to someone new. Have friends come with blankets and pillows. Drape some sheets from the ceiling and hang some twinkle lights. When the majority gets there- let the fort building begin. This is an ideal set up for a smaller, more intimate gathering, but hey, the bigger the fort the bigger the fun!

What do I wear? That silky pajama set you always wish you had a fort party to wear to.  No brainer.

2. Beer Olympics Party

What the hell? The Beer Olympics, need I say more? Pair up with a friend and declare a country. Although this takes a bit of prep from the host it is going to be more than worth it and something you will be throwing annually. Have everyone submit their teams ahead of time and plan the events! Set up some beer pong, potato sack races, water balloon toss and every other game you loved at field day. Keep scores according to country (or planet if you’re out of this world). A friendly competition mixed with day drinking is always a success.

What do I wear? Dress like your country (or planet), silly.

1. Murder Mystery Party

What the hell? If you haven’t been, you’re missing out. This is a great idea for a medium sized gathering. The best part about it is the host just has to host! There are plenty of companies that are happy to arrange the actual “murder”. You received your character and alibi (or lack there of) ahead of time. Show up and live your character. As the host, it helps to prepare a dinner or some apps to get your guests into character. After the murder is solved, celebrate the “murder” and the “deceased” with some more partying!

What do I wear? Come dressed as the character you have been given. The more you get into it, the more the rest of the guests will. This is a once in a lifetime party experience, hit up a thrift store if you must!

By Lori Gottlieb

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    There are some pretty spiffy party ideas on here! Personally I am in love with the Pillow Fort Party, I think mixing it with PJ’s and pillow fights and it would fan-freaking-tastic!

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