Lessons I Learned From My College Roommate

It has been eight years since I was a freshman in college. EIGHT years! That is CRAZY!I can actually still remember almost everything from that year, but my memory was sparked even more this past weekend when my dear friend, “Binz,” came to visit me in LA.

A few things to know about her:

  1. We lived together our freshman year at Merrimack College.
  2. Prior to this weekend, we had not spent any time alone together in over five years.
  3. It was her birthday while she was visiting.
  4. She is getting married in September and I am officiating the wedding!

…Now you see why we were LONG overdue for a hangout session.

When she arrived on Friday, the first thing she did was come into my apartment and put on her pajamas.

This is why I love her. It’s a Friday night in Los Angeles and she was visiting for just two days. But instead of go out and rage like rockstars, we sat on the floor in my living room, ate dinner, watched “Parental Guidance” (sorry, I liked it) and talked for hours. It felt like old times, even though we lived together so long ago. And don’t worry, we did plenty of partying the rest of the weekend.

Crucial things she taught me on her trip:

  1. I don’t wear enough sunscreen (My knees got very burnt)
  2. I need to turn off the lights in the rooms I’m not occupying (So motherly!)
  3. I need to get a cell phone case (Coincidentally, I dropped my phone and shattered it the day after she left)
  4. Don’t yell at the guy working the counter at the deli if he can’t give me an idea of how long the wait will be for fries. It’s just not worth it. It’s a deli.
  5. Don’t buy shots for boys.

What was even more crucial, was that having her here reminded me how important it is to stay grounded, remain true to myself, and to just chill out sometimes.

It was the perfect, most necessary weekend I’ve had in a long time. There will be times in your life when you need someone to slap you back to reality and remind you to sit down for a second and appreciate your cats, or perhaps your blanket you’ve had since you were born.

It’s funny; I always said she had the female version of “Peter Pan Syndrome” and didn’t want to grow up. But gone are the days of skipping class and sleeping all day in the fort we built in our dorm room. Binz is an adult!!! Well so am I, but she is much more adult than me these days!

This weekend I realized: it really doesn’t matter that we are in two completely different worlds now, and different places in our lives. Feeling how strong our relationship was after eight years, four of which were spent on different coasts, made me appreciate what true friendship really is. It’s being able to go months without seeing each other, but when you connect it’s like nothing ever changed. The reminiscing is so natural, the family talk is so welcomed, and being together just seems so familiar.

I am lucky enough to have this with a lot of friends, my college roommate reminded me of that this weekend.

 By Alex Devlin


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