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QLC Video: Why Am I Crying Again!?

This week we are touching on a topic that is by far the greatest inspiration for QLC: the CRISIS.When talking with individuals who are having a quarter-life crisis, we usually hear something along the lines of, “the world is against me!!” or “I cry everyday uncontrollably and have no idea why!”Quarter-lifers: ITS NORMAL to feel that way during your quarter life. Most of us like to act as those we have it all together, when in reality, we are calling our moms at night complaining because we have too many bills to pay, our bosses are mean to us, and we can only afford ramen noodles!Guess what? The world isn’t against you, and yes, some days you will feel completely alone like you don’t have a friend in the world. Upside is, MOST days, you probably feel like the bees knees, and those bad days are just a part of life. It’s okay to cry in your car when you hear Adele’s “Someone Like You” on the radio and it instantly brings up old feelings you had for someone. It’s healthy to take a “personal day” from work every now and then and lay in bed and eat ice cream because you don’t feel like facing the world.

Just remember, the roller coaster will happen your whole life. Your 20s are a good time to decide how you will handle the good and bad days moving forward, and will help shape who you want to be.

By Team QLC


2 thoughts on “QLC Video: Why Am I Crying Again!?

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