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3 Reasons Why You Should Cross-Train

Cross-training emphasizes using multiple exercise disciplines to train your body.  The goal is to mix things up rather than do the same workout routine over and over again.  So, why should this matter to you?  Here are three reasons:

  1. Results: The number one reason you should cross-train is because it has been shown to be the most effective way to transform your body in conjunction with a healthy diet.  It provides the best return on your investment – and let’s face it, working out is an investment.  The last thing you want to do is invest a bunch of time and money into a workout program and not see any results.  Sound familiar?  Exercise on its most basic level breaks down your muscles, which will force your body to adapt and grow as you recover from the intensity of the workout.  However, if you don’t change up your routine, and even the type of exercise disciplines you use within your routine, your body will hit a plateau, which is extremely frustrating.
  2. Injury prevention: The second reason you should cross-train is because it is the best way to prevent injuries.  Repetitive movement patterns place a lot of stress on your joints. For example, if all you do is run your lower back will take a pounding; spin classes can lead to extremely tight hip flexors; and if all you do is bench press, you probably can’t touch your toes. If you only do yoga, it’s probably hard for you to lift more than 3 lbs. You get the idea…
  3. It’s actually fun! The third and final reason to cross-train is because it’s a lot of fun.  The workouts that we put our clients through are very demanding and one of the main reasons they keep coming back is because they look forward to doing a completely different exercise discipline during their next workout.  Simple things like changing the room, equipment, instructor and music let alone movement patterns keep things fresh and exciting.

If you have never mixed up your workout routine then now is the time to do it.  It could be a structured program like we run at Cross Train LA, or even something basic like going for hike a couple days a week in addition to your current workout routine.  All you need to be is open minded and I promise you that you will be shocked at not only how much better you will look and feel, but how much more fun you will have in the process. But trust me– you’ll feel it!

 By Dylan Davies

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