10 Little Changes To Make Before My Birthday


Whenever I have things I need to get done, I am always SO much more likely to actually do those things if I write myself a ‘To-Do’ List.  It’s my birthday in about five weeks and that seems like a great excuse to set some To-Do’s for myself before I turn one year older.  Only five weeks… let’s see what we can do:

#1 – Get Organized

Every year I promise myself I’m going to start using my calendar and writing everything down and be super organized in every aspect of my life.

This has not happened yet.

I mean it’s just silly, I own an iPhone, which is attached to my hip, and thanks to an early b-day gift from the rents, I now also have an iPad Mini, too… so really I have no excuse not to be using these things for more than emails and Facebook.  Not to mention, I sleep a million times better when I’m not stressing about all the things that I need to take care of.  Time to start making list, keeping track of my to-dos, and get organized.

#2 – Learn How to Put on Makeup

Growing up I was the definition of a tomboy and makeup just was not my thing.   My poor mother tried to teach me about makeup, but I gave it only about a week before I never touched the stuff again. It’s not because I don’t think I need it or anything like that; I honestly don’t know if I just thought I looked silly, couldn’t handle the feeling of it on my face, or maybe I’m just too damn lazy to wake up the extra ten minutes it would take to put on make up before I have to be at work.

But now at my own fault here I am about to turn 26 and I have no clue how to even begin to put on makeup correctly.  A little story for you… I recently went to a friends wedding and decided to be bold and put on eye shadow.  Of course I didn’t own any eye shadow, so I went to my friend Courtney’s hotel room and asked to borrow some.  She handed me the shadow and a brush and I froze- embarrassed, I had to ask Courtney to please apply it for me.  Same thing happened years back in college when she and I dressed up for Halloween.  Yeah, maybe it’s time to learn…

#3 – Try Wearing Heels… Again

For that same wedding, with my lovely boyfriend’s encouragement I went ahead and bought my first real pair of high heels.  They were teal and I have to admit pretty damn awesome looking.  I haven’t worn a pair of high heels since. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of high heels.

Yes, I know there are tons of girls cringing in horror at the thought of never having worn heels, but what can I say; I grew up a tomboy, I’m pretty tall, and they make my feet hurt!  All excuses aside, I gave it a try and bravely wore the heels for the whole wedding reception.  I gotta say- they weren’t as awful as I expected, I didn’t trip once, and my boyfriend loved me in heels- which alone is certainly enough motivation for me to try again!  So with that successful experiment I’m thinking maybe I should try to dress up for my man and rock some heels next time we go somewhere nice… maybe even for my b-day!

#4 – Buy a Purse

As you’ve figured out by now, I’m terrible at being a girl. I don’t wear makeup, I don’t wear high heels, and I don’t own a purse.  I’m more of a small wallet zipper thing in the back pocket of my jeans kind of girl. But I gotta say, it’d be SO nice to be able to carry more than just my license and a folded up twenty dollar bill on me.  I am worried that if I buy a purse I’ll inevitably lose it along with my all of my belongings, but I think it’s time to take that chance.  Plus let’s be honest, a chick’s ass looks wayyyy better without a phone and wallet in the back pocket!

#5 – Wake Up Early

I work as a freelancer.  Usually I have to get up at 4:00am and be at work an hour away and then work eighteen hours only to drive back home, sleep four hours, rinse and repeat.  So when I’m not working I have the horrible habit of sleeping in… until forever.

I can honestly sleep until 2:00 in the afternoon on a regular basis if given the chance.  While it’s nice to catch up on sleep, whenever I do this, I wake up feeling wicked shitty and then my day off is pretty much over.  I don’t know why I sleep in so late. I feel so much better when I wake up early and there’s always this great feeling of “Wow, I’ve done so much with my day and its only 11:00am!”  This is definitely something that needs to change; its time to stop wasting my days off!

#6 – Lose Ten Pounds

Pretty much everyone’s New Year’s and birthday resolutions, right?  I don’t hate the way I look, but let’s be honest- I could certainly watch what I eat, hit the gym a bit more, and who doesn’t want to get in better shape? Not to mention my birthday marks the start of summer and I live in California… bathing suits are inevitable.  I have about 5 weeks. I can do this.

#7 – Start Keeping Track of my Finances

You may have read in my past articles my complaints about needing to do my taxes.  No one likes taxes or bills.  Like it or not, this year I need to keep track of receipts, spending, earnings, all of it! I need to know how much is coming in and going out and where the hell it’s going to.  It is probably a good idea to try to start actually saving money too…oh boy.

#8 – Read a Book


I LOVE reading.  Growing up I used to read constantly.  The moment I would finish a book I’d have the next one lined up and start a new book the same day.  There’s just something wonderful about reading a really great book.  My excuse for over a year now has been that I haven’t found anything I like enough.  Time to stop being so picky and just pick a book.  Besides, a mediocre book is better than not reading at all.  I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any, by the way!

#9 – Write More

Whenever I wasn’t reading, I was writing.  As a kid I would constantly write little novels or tell some elaborate adventure story.   That creativity definitely fueled my desire to become a director.  I’m not sure why I stopped writing, but I did.  This blog has been a great way to get my thoughts out and start writing again, but I really need to get back to writing stories that I want to make into films.

We often end up not making the time for what we really want to do with our lives. 26 is the year I start writing again… and hopefully then direct those projects I write.

#10 – Set Goals (More of Them!)

This year I’m turning 26. Every year on my birthday I tell myself “This will be your year.”  Sure, I still believe that, but I think this year I need to be a bit more specific as to what that actually means.  Like I’m doing now, I need to actually write down several realistic (and maybe a few hopeful) goals I am going to obtain before I turn 27.

My list isn’t anything too hard to do in 5 weeks, but all these little things are what I keep telling myself I’ll get to eventually.  This time I’m writing them down, proclaiming them out loud, and hoping the pressure of sharing this list forces me to stick with it this time.

I’ll update you guys on how it’s going once my birthday rolls around.  Wish me luck!

By Tina Densmore


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