I Love You, Boston


It’s been one week since the Boston Marathon tragedy, and I’m still feeling weird, angry, and confused.

Dangerous people have hurt innocent people, in my home city, and it’s certainly not okay. I feel scared knowing that there might be more to come, and I am anxious for answers as to why this happened. I feel for everyone that was in Boston when this the bomb went off, and I pray for them.

People always think, “That could never happen to me.” And then something like this hits so close to home, and you can’t help but think of how naïve we can sometimes be. Especially when you realize that things like this happen in other countries, every day.

But what we, as a country, do in crisis is just really unbelievable. To see how quickly everyone came together to help those in need was remarkable. I watched people run toward the chaos and pull others from the ruble on the news and it reassured me knowing that fearless, selfless, kind people are out there.

I was very aware of the fact that the police weren’t sleeping in hopes of catching the criminals and that the newscasters were staying awake to get us information as quickly as possible and I was so grateful for them. I was on the phone making calls, texting friends, and refreshing my social media all day long, but the initial reaction to get in touch with people was so immediate from so many people I knew, that it was comforting to see the love and support all around. And even 3,000 miles away from my hometown, people are coming together to raise money for the victims of the attack.

I am becoming much more aware as I get older of the devastation that happens every day, in and outside of this country, and my dinner conversation has “grown up” quite a bit recently. But, I have to do my best to not live in fear of what could happen and I continue to have the hope that when things do, we can rise above them and come together to work through it. I am also especially thankful to the people that serve and protect us every day, so that we may live in a safe place.

Each day, we should try to love a little more than we did the day before. Help someone who needs it, do a good deed, and pay it forward. Little bits of love go a long way, and we need to remember that. Always tell the people you care for that you love them. And let’s continue to ban together in times of need.

And to my people of Boston, my city, my home, I never had any doubts that you wouldn’t sleep until this was over. I am so proud of your strength and companionship. To quote the Twitter user Happy Gilmore, “Boston is probably the only major city that if you fuck with them, they will shut down the whole city… stop everything…. And find you.” Thanks, Happy. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I love you, Boston. Shine on.

By Alex Devlin


[main page photo credit: Aaron Bouvier / One Heart Boston]

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