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“Healthy Foods” That Aren’t Actually Good For You: Juice

Ever notice that fresh squeezed orange juice tastes so different than OJ you buy at the store? What about fresh coconut water? Have you noticed it tastes nothing like the coconut water that comes in a box or can?  That’s because fresh juice is not pasteurized. Pasteurization changes the flavor and kills all vitamins and nutrients naturally found in juice.

There are so many benefits to drinking fresh juice but unfortunately, you will not find any of these perks in store bought juices. Not at Whole Foods, not at Trader Joes, and not even a Naked or Odwalla brand juice gives you the “fresh” nutrients that it claims.

Approximately 98% of all juices sold are pasteurized. What is pasteurization? It means that companies heat their fresh fruit and veggie juices to 160 degrees in order to kill bacteria and make the shelf life of the juice longer.  However, all live vitamins, enzymes and nutrients in fruits and vegetables die at 116 degrees. During pasteurization all of the nutrients are zapped from your “fresh” juice, and you’re left drinking what is essentially sugar-water.

The bottom line is this: If you’re drinking store-bought juices for health benefits, STOP! You’re just poisoning yourself with sugar and too many calories!

If you want the health benefits of fresh juice, cough up eleven bucks and go to your local natural juice bar. Your body will thank you later.

By Dylan Davies

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