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10 Easy DIY Projects You Have To Try

It’s that time of year: spring cleaning! Or as I like to call it, spring re-decorating.

Whether you’re moving into a new spot or just looking to add some new style to your digs, these ten easy DIY’s will entertain you during those April showers.

10. Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Obviously, this is a project for a wino (or a friend of a wino) but its fun, resourceful and easy. Put your collection of wine corks to use by adhering them to a cardboard cut out of your favorite shape and arrange them by color. This is great for a home, an office, or a home office!

What you need: A fair amount of wine corks (start drinking!), cardboard or wood panel, exacto knife and wood glue.

[project: Maria Liberati]


9. Pressed Flower Wall Art

This is a great way to save those flowers from a recent vacation, garden, or maybe you just like to steal the neighbor’s flowers! Press the flowers in paper towels between the pages of a thick book and set them to dry for about a week. Grab a few picture frames and some decorative paper for a backdrop. Once the flowers have dried, place them in the frame and hang!

What you need: Flowers, a thick book, frames, paper for a backdrop, scissors.

[project: eHow]


8. Seashells in the Sink

Although rather self explanatory, this idea will really help motivate your beach themed bathroom. Place some shells or smooth stones at the bottom of your bathroom sink, as long as you have a drain small enough to keep them from falling in. Make sure to keep it subtle and don’t over do the look. It also helps to keep your sink looking clean!

What you need: Bag of shells or stones from Pier 1 = $6.99. Or spend an afternoon stroll on the beach finding some for free!

[project: Apartment Therapy]

7. Re-dressed Frame

If you have a local thrift shop or flea market that you frequent, you can easily find a picture frame for pennies that’s worth redecorating. Grab an old map or book along with the frame and you have yourself a project. Cut the pages into shapes and collage the outside of the frame. At any craft store, grab Mod Podge for a smooth adhesive. Finally, toss in a picture from that road trip you took last summer.

What you need: A picture frame, old book or map, Mod Podge, paint brush.

[project: Maybe Matilda]


6. Light Bulb Vase

Curious what to do with those old, dead, light bulbs? Why not use them as decor? Nip off the end with a pair of plyers and gut the bulb. Cover the end with a decorative paper or fabric and fill with water and flowers. Secure a wire around the fabric and hang from a door handle or a nail. It’s really cute and creative! (Insert light bull pun here).

What you need: An old light bulb, pair of pliers, gardening wire, flowers, fabric or paper, water.

[project: Free People]

5. Tapestry Photo Display

If you have an old tapestry you’re dying to hang but want to add something more, then this idea should help. Fold the tapestry so that it covers a 18 X 22 section of the wall (or larger depending on your taste). Once the tapestry is hung drape clothing lines, gold chain, fishing wire or whatever type of suspension you choose across the length of the tapestry. Hang photos from the line using clothing pins. Make sure you leave enough space between the rows to see the pictures!

What you need: Tapestry, clothing pins, wire or a line (gold chain sells for about $6.99 for 3-5 yards at Michaels or other craft stores), photos.

[project: Papaya Blog]

4. Vase Candle Holders

Looking for a great centerpiece for a dinner party or coffee table? If you have an old vase or glass jar, fill it with sugar or sand. Add some shells or pearls to the top of the sand and place a tealight or small candle inside the vase. This produces a lot of light for a candlelit dinner party. Or place the decor in a mason jar and suspend with garden wire outdoors for a patio party!

What you need: Vase or mason jar, sand or sugar, pearls, beads or shells, tea light candles, garden wire.

[project: Oh Lovely Day]

3. Faux Flower Lampshade

Sometimes old lamp shades can collect dust and become grimey, but thats no reason to throw it out. Spruce up an old lamp shade by covering it with a flower ribbon or faux flowers over an old tapestry (so you don’t see the old shade in between gaps).Just make sure to use a non-flammable glue like Singer Sew No More Fabric Glue.

What you need: An old lamp shade, flower ribbon or faux flowers, Scissors, non flammable glue.

[project: Craftaphile]



2. Push Pin Canvas Art

If you’re looking for a piece to impress, but aren’t the next Van Gogh, this idea might convince your friends otherwise. Print out a design or lettering you want to transfer. Cut out the shape and trace it onto the canvas. Paint the canvas before hand or leave it white. Fill the lettering or design in with the thumbtacks and hang! For a sleeker look use silver or gold thumbtacks.

What you need: Thumbtacks, Canvas (painted or non), printer and computer (or draw by hand), pencil.

[project: Stamps for Fun]

1. Cloud lights

This DIY is my absolute favorite and is a really cool idea for a children’s room (…or my room, since I’m a child). Grab some paper lanterns from a craft store as well as a big fluffy bag of cotton. Pull and fluff the cotton to your desired shape and size and glue to the outside of the lantern leaving room to insert a small LED light (non flame candle). Use fishing wire to string the clouds from the ceiling with a thumbtack. The translucent fishing wire will make it look like they are suspended mid air.

What you need: Cotton batting, paper lanterns, fishing wire, scissors, LED lights (low heat), thumbtack, glue

[project: Wedding High]

By Lori Gottlieb

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