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QLC Video: Sh*t You Don’t Say

[Headphone Alert! NSFW language]

Whether we’re dating someone, meeting someone, or just plain talking to someone, there are things people say that immediately make us want to walk in the opposite direction. Sometimes we make remarks that aren’t meant to be rude or hurtful (but kinda are…) and other times there are things we hear that are just straight up offensive!

Call them turn-offs, pet peeves, deal breakers. This is the sh*t you don’t want to hear from someone of the opposite sex, or any human for that matter.

Bottom line is: now that we are becoming adults, we are starting to learn what really pisses us off!

Featuring: Alex Devlin, Anne Barkley, Casey O’Keefe, Gabby Landis, Jimmy Ruggiero, & Kurt Finney

By Team QLC

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