9 Reasons 25 is the new 85


  1. I find myself complaining about the noise level of my neighbors. I want to hit the ceiling with a broom stick and scream, “What’s all the racket?!”
  2. I put soft, comfortable pants on at any chance I get. I often say, “Man I can’t wait to get home and get jammy jammed up.” And not only will I wear said comfortable pants in my home, but I will rearrange my day so that I only have to go places where these pants are acceptable to wear.
  3. As I get older, I realize my memory is becoming that of a goldfish. To help me from constantly forgetting what I need to do in the next five minutes, I make lists in my head as I walk around the house, grocery store, work, etc, so I don’t embarrass myself carrying a notebook around with me everywhere I go.
  4. I get really excited about coupons. So excited that if I find good deals online or in the paper, I plan my weekends around taking full advantage of those deals.
  5. My favorite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night is to have a date with my couch and DVR. It’s starting to keep me from being social and making friends, but that hasn’t kept me from canceling plans at night so I can run home immediately and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy.
  6. I thoroughly enjoy trying out new face-masks when I have a free night. Very helpful in preventing wrinkles (yes, I see them starting to creep up on me).
  7.  My new old lady cocktail is hot water with lemon
  8.  My bedtime has slowly crept up from 2AM, to 12PM, to 10PM…. Ok, 9PM.
  9. I wear sneakers any chance I get. Helps me to power walk and these limbs are getting stiff!

By Alex Devlin

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