The Toe Tapping Playlist

Toe Tapping Playlist

Sometimes, a gal (or dude!) needs a great beat for a bit of a drive, or some music thats perfect for hanging out with friends– that won’t overpower the conversation. Here’s a collection of some new-ish music that should fit the bill, and keep your toes tappin’:

1. SAIL ON  – White Arrows
2. ROOTLESS – Youngblood Hawke
4. DON’T SAY OH WELL – Grouplove
5. ONE FOOT – fun.
6. TREE SALAD – Time and Energy
7. TIPTOE – Imagine Dragons
8. RELAXATIONS – Pageants
9. COME BACK DOWN – Greg Laswell ft. Sara Bareilles
10. WE ARE THE TIDE – Blind Pilot
11. EXCUSES – The Morning Benders
12. MOUNTAIN SOUND – “Of Monsters & Men

Play it on Spotify: tap your feet.

By Liza Nedelman

5 thoughts on “The Toe Tapping Playlist

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