Bands You Should Listen To: On An On


I don’t know much about music except that it stirs something in me I can’t quite describe. I was the only member of my family who never played an instrument growing up but have always had a creative side and music feeds into that. There are numerous things I love about living in Los Angeles, but the #1 reason has to be the music scene.

On any given night, you can find a show and enjoy the sounds of a group that is about to hit it big time. I’ve made friendships that are based solely on running into each other at concerts. You can go to a show by yourself and not feel alone because you’re surrounded by a hundred other people who are there for the same reason.

In this blog I’ll be sharing photos and casual reviews of bands I see live in Los Angeles or catch elsewhere on my radar.Today, we’ll start with On An On:

I first discovered the indie-dream-pop band On An On when I was buying tickets to see Geographer at The Echo. As is custom, I looked up the opening bands and immediately feel in love with this mid-Western trio. When the indie band Scattered Trees had booked studio time but not a full band, they pulled together what they could and took their name from the last track on what would be their debut album Give In.

In concert, their energy on stage is unmistakable and you can tell they love what they’re doing. They’re also still humble enough to take time after their set to talk to us fangirls. Their songs are perfect for cruising up the PCH with the windows down. Time Magazine recently named them the #1 band to check out at SXSW this year, so you know they’re good.

Sounds Like: Broken Social Scene
Tracks You Gotta Listen To: Hunter, Ghosts, Panic

By Hannah Elder

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