What Are 3 Things You’d Do With a Brick: Finding an Internship in 2013

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I was lunching with my mentor, Shara, one day, and she was telling me a little bit about the interview process candidates go through to get a job at the company she started, Intern Sushi. One of the questions she told me she asks is, “What are three things you would do with a brick?” I thought to myself, “Oh my God, what would I say if someone actually asked me this in an interview and why the hell does she ask this?!”

Gone are the days of just submitting a paper resume to a company listing your past experience and qualifications, and welcome to 2013 and the creation of Intern Sushi.

When people ask me what the most effective way to find internships in and out of college is, I tell them to get to and the world is literally at their fingertips.

In this economic climate, it can be nearly impossible to find an internship, let alone a job. Companies are sifting through dozens upon dozens of resumes a day and missing some of the most important details about a person. You certainly can’t tell what a person’s interests are from the jobs they’ve already done. You can’t even tell if a person smiles in daily conversation!

Intern Sushi has changed the game. Applicants are able to submit videos of themselves instead of resumes, in an effort to help them break into industries that they may not have the most experience in or have any other sort of connection with.

Applicants can speak to their talents and strengths that they may not have an opportunity to showcase in their resumes. Through Intern Sushi, interns are able to apply to more than 5,500 companies, track their submissions, and set up interviews with companies. In turn, companies are able to create profiles clearly identifying what they are looking for in their interns and what types of positions they are offering.

90% of people I speak with who are searching for internships always say, “If I could just get into the room and speak to someone, I know I could get it.” Well now you don’t have to worry about getting noticed on your resume in order for someone to see you in person.

Now it makes sense why Shara would ask what to do with a brick. You might be able to type quickly, organize someone else’s calendar perfectly, and carry coffee for an entire office, but can you exercise your mind to think strategically and are you clever enough to come up with quick, witty answers that help future intern employers see you think beyond the surface? If you are, make it known in your video! It’s those types of responses that help you stand apart.

And Shara: I figured out what I would do with a brick. I would use it to crush my competition because no one can keep me down. Are you hiring?

By Alex Devlin

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