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QLC Video: Deal Breakers (NSFW language)

Kicking off our weekly video conversations is a topic everyone in their 20’s can relate to: Deal breakers.

This week, we are going to explore some things that could potentially send you running in the opposite direction after a date, or even a relationship.  We all have character flaws, but these ‘no-no’s’ can be as simple as having dirty fingernails… or as massive as religious views. Regardless, this roundtable will hopefully give you insight into some often-hilarious, always honest opinions of both some guys and some girls just like you.

We can’t promise that all views will be universal – hey, what opinion is?

DISCLAIMER: NSFW language – make sure you’ve got your headphones on, kids! Also note to parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, grandparents, therapists, etc. of anyone featured in the videos… this topic heavily revolves around sex!

Featuring: Alex Devlin, Anne Barkley, Casey O’Keefe, Gabby Landis, Jimmy Ruggiero,  & Kurt Finney

By: Team QLC

6 thoughts on “QLC Video: Deal Breakers (NSFW language)

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