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My mom recently created her own blog, On Fire At Fifty, so it was really important that I get her blessing on this project. I asked her if she wanted to write a post for us at QLC, talking about from a mother’s eyes, what it’s like to have a child in the midst of their so-called quarter life crisis. She wrote a very beautiful, personal poem that I would like to share, and I encourage you all to take a look at her blog. She is proving that it doesn’t matter how old you are, or what kind of crisis you are having, but that you can still follow any dream or passion you have.

Thanks, mom, for showing me the way…

* * *


By: Anita Devlin


My pride is overflowing

My smile is cheek to cheek

My daughter sent her videos

For me to take a peek

I climbed in to my bed

And quietly pressed play

A mirror image of my mom

I wish was here today


Her smiling eyes, her sense of self

Her captivating way

Her love of friends, her zest for life

Myself she did portray


Stories shared and dreams explored

As friends sit side by side

Together getting through it while

Maneuvering life’s ride


Quarter life will shape the mold

Of who you’re meant to be

Just be true to who you are

It started at age three


The theme to me screams brilliance

Her soul shines just as bright

She’s worked so hard so much so long

I realized last night


I’m so proud of my daughter

This apple from the tree

A perfect blended medley

Of my mother and me


By: Alex Devlin & Anita Devlin

7 thoughts on “QLC: Mother Approved

  1. Congrats Alex! Your father told me he’s going to start his own blog called, “How to deal with my daughters quarter-life crisis and my wife’s mid-life crisis at the same time”

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  3. Love this and love you guys!! Witty, charming, heartfelt, and beautiful. You both are kinda majorly awesome!! 😉 XOXO

  4. Congrats Alex! You totally Rock! Come Super Smiley Flash MOb with us when you get to LA! We have one this weekend!

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